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Iraqi scientist produced Concrete with international qualities using cost-effective local materials

COURTS Girls_BGX 31...Previously unissued photo dated 9/12/2003, of Peter Lamb, a forensic scientist at the FSS (Forensic Science Service) laboratories in Cambridgeshire, who worked on the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman murder case. The team spent weeks at its Huntingdon headquarters examining the clothes of the murdered girls, as well as clothing, carpet and furnishings from the home of Ian Huntley, who was convicted Wednesday December 17, 2003, of the murder of the two girls.  PA Photo: John Stillwell.

With funding from Arab science and technology foundation, Iraqi scientist has prepared and produced polymer quick setting concrete of high qualities and made of local raw materials. It is unpoisonous and resistant to chemicals and temperature. It can be produced using simple technology; hence it is very feasible both economically …

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