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Africa Harnessing the potential of 4IR through research

African-american scientist, medical worker, tech or graduate student works with microscope

The aim of the African Research Universities Alliance or ARUA to increase Africa’s contribution to global research output and its commitment to strengthening the continent’s research base are ‘fundamental’ to nurturing and supporting the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in Africa. Read more>

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Malaysia: A land of educational opportunities


Malaysia is truly Asia, situated by the South China Sea and with a colorful array of ethnicity, diverse culture and natural beauty; Malaysia is a futuristic city with many colorful feathers in its crown. Malaysia has emerged as a great tourist destination and has jumped leaps and bounds to be …

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What’s wrong with our universities in Bangladesh?


Every year at a time when various global organizations release their yearly university ranking reports, we see some discussions on social media, talk shows, and newspaper editorial pages about why our universities fail to secure good places in such rankings. Read more>

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Preparing Indonesia’s youth for 4IR


Based on a recent figure by SHARE, a flagship project of the ASEAN Education Sector, there are 7,000 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Southeast Asia with around 12 million students currently being enrolled. Read more>

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