"knowledge economy bulletin"highlights success stories and research achievements of IDB graduates and provides them with opportunities for professional and academic development along with monitoring science, technology, innovation and higher education development in the 56 IDB member countries. Issue No.1 – April 2017
High-tech innovation ‘can boost Saudi competitiveness’
Saudi Arabia has been implementing multiple reforms over the last several years to enhance competitiveness, according to the Kingdom’s economists and market analysts. “In the past five years more than 40 competitiveness reforms have been implemented. As a testament to Saudi Arabia’s competitive environment, the World Bank’s Ease of Doing
Efforts to turn Saudi Arabia into a knowledge-based society bear fruit
Saudi’s ongoing efforts to transform itself into a knowledge-based society have resulted in a tremendous rise in the number of institutions of higher studies focusing on science and research. Link
How Indonesians Can Be More Skillful
Indonesia’s economy is maturing at a fast pace but a stable economy alone cannot ensure prosperity and eradication of unemployment. Recent statistics show that there is a mounting skills gap among the country’s labor force. For example, most Indonesians who hold managerial posts have overseas degrees, while local degree holders …

The Arab Knowledge Index 2016
It includes six sectoral indices: Pre-University Education, Technical Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education, Information and Communications Technology, Economy, and Research, Development and Innovation. Download

Science, technology innovation policy review in Iran
Science, technology innovation policy review in Iran Download

Raising the capacities of young entrepreneurs in Arab countries – Best practices and recommendations
The policy paper examines five Arab Mediterranean Countries, namely Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt, and analyses the programmes developed to support entrepreneurship. It looks into the main policies introduced to foster the development of entrepreneurship support programmes and best practices targeted at students, wannabe entrepreneurs and start-up founders. The …

Investing in education and R&D could raise UAE’s competitiveness
Maintaining steady and abundant investment in R&D and education in the UAE can not only help the country achieve a new level of prosperity, but also help our world at large achieve greater sustainability and security.

MENA’s Private Education Sector: A Burgeoning Market
By Mansoor Ahmed “Probably the greatest social challenge for all of us is our youth – because they are our future. Without appropriate education and guidance, they will be lost souls, easily manipulated, and prone to being turned into a destructive element in society,” Abdul Latif Al Zayani, the secretary …

Why isn’t Arabic used to teach science and technology in Saudi universities?
Is encouraging our children to learn and speak foreign languages fluently while ignoring Arabic a sign of advancement and education? If we look around us at advanced countries, we notice that most of them do not put foreign languages ahead of their native language; they always give priority to their …

Morocco leads in science & tech capacity in Africa: report
Morocco leads in science & tech capacity in Africa

Expanding Arab access to MITx MicroMasters in supply chain management
Al Ghurair Foundation now accepting applications for a new scholarship opportunity.

Education observatory
LIBYA : Drastic measures needed to rebuild higher education – Report
Poor investment, weak capacity and security, as well as political instability and onerous bureaucracy in war-torn Libya have produced a higher education system characterised by inadequate infrastructure and graduates poorly prepared for jobs, according to a new report.

EGYPT: Universities to forge links with African counterparts
Egypt plans to designate 2017 as a year of African cooperation in higher education, research and innovation with a view to enhancing the capacity of universities, increasing academic staff and student exchange, and promoting joint research and projects.

GLOBAL : ‘Meta-portal’ of higher education resources in French
The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie or AUF has launched a virtual repository of educational resources called ‘meta-portal IDNEUF’ to provide free access to Francophone university resources. The global launch was held in Mali – Africa is the continent with the largest number of French speakers, 96.2 million.

Muslim women in science
Saudi entrepreneur invents coffee maker
A young Saudi woman has invented an electronic Arabic coffee maker for commercial purposes, King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) officials announced.

Women in higher education in Pakistan
Women face numerous problems in higher education, especially access and retention. The significant gap between university women graduates and employment is also a matter of concern. As such, there is an urgent need for the government and Higher Education Commission (HEC) to formulate policies and strictly monitor their implementation to …

Arab women shine in scientific research
Whether it is finding ways to make cancer treatment less painful or starting a registry to fight inherited diseases, Arab women shone in the field of scientific research at the L’Oreal–Unesco Pan Arab Regional Fellowships for Women in Science 2013. The programme which was launched in the region in 2010 …

International Conference on Open Source Software and Applications
International Conference on Open Source Software and Applications 09-11 Feb 2017 Cairo, Egypt

The 8th International Renewable Energy Congress IREC’2017
Date: March 21-23, 2017
Location: Dead Sea, Jordan

3rd International Conference on Pure and Applied Sciences
Location: Dubai, UAE
Date : Feb. 2-6, 2017

Fellowships opportunities
Research Training Scholarships for International Students at Flinders University in Australia, 2017
Applications are invited for Australian Government Research Training Scholarships for the academic year 2017-2018. Research Training Scholarship is a scholarship specifically intended to support international students that covers international tuition fees and also provides a stipend.

International Scholarships for Doctoral, Master’s and Undergraduate Students in China, 2017
Xiamen University is offering up to 24 scholarships for doctoral, masters and undergraduate students. These scholarships are available for international (non-Chinese) students for 2017 intake.

NCUK Anniversary Scholarships for International Students in UK, 2017
The University of Kent is offering NCUK Anniversary Scholarships for International Students. Scholarships are available for pursuing the undergraduate or postgraduate programme in the field of Business, Law or Mathematics.

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