"knowledge economy bulletin"highlights success stories and research achievements of IDB graduates and provides them with opportunities for professional and academic development along with monitoring science, technology, innovation and higher education development in the 56 IDB member countries. Issue No.9
December 2017
Islamic Development Bank announces prize winners for science, technology
Three scientific institutions from Indonesia, Malaysia and Sudan have won this year’s IsDB Prizes for Science and Technology.
AFRICA: Lifelong learning challenged by perceptions of inferiority
The 57 member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, 27 of which are in Africa, have adopted a declaration for promoting lifelong learning in universities, but implementation is still challenged by attitudes which position lifelong learning as the ‘poor cousin’ in universities.
Research: Arab Inventors Make the U.S. More Innovative
From Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah, a Lebanese-born American serial inventor, to Ahmed Zewail, the 1999 Nobel laureate in chemistry, to Farouk El-Baz, a NASA and MIT scientist who helped plan the Apollo landing, to Elias A. Zerhouni, the 15th director of the National Institutes of Health, Arab immigrants have made major contributions to American science …

Muslim scientists among the top 7 scientists with multiple papers worldwide
Annual listing of scientists – whose publications over the previous 10 years (2005-2015) have included a notable number of Highly Cited Papers – showed some Muslim scientists among the top 7 scientists with multiple papers, according to a report entitled : Look up to the brightest stars….. Introducing 2017’s Highly …

Economics 101: Are there many ‘lost Einsteins’ in the Arab world?
How many potential geniuses never realised their potential because they were unlucky? This is a particularly pressing question for the Arab countries.

Why the Islamic world fell behind in science
The Islamic world made significant contributions in different scientific fields up until the 15th century. So what happened to make the Islamic world fall behind in science while it rose in Europe? What are the reasons behind this downward trend?

Education observatory
ALGERIA: Educational TV to boost university access and quality
Algeria’s first educational television channel, called Knowledge, will be launched next year as part of the country’s efforts to improve the quality of university education through open and distance learning.

TUNISIA: First German university in the Maghreb unveiled
Tunisia is to host an US$85 million German university that will be operational by 2021 and will be the first of its kind in the Arab Maghreb region, which comprises the North African countries of Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia.

ALGERIA: Ministry launches e-masters degree project
The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has launched an e-masters degree on an experimental basis in five universities as part of an attempt to address the challenge of high graduate unemployment.

International conference of biotechnology & genetic engineering (Omics : Genomics, Transcriptomics and proteomics)
Date: 24-26 April, 2018
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

African Forum on Youth Skills & Enterprise in the Digital Age “Harnessing Demographic Dividend through Investments in the Youth”
Location: Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco
Date: 27th – 28th February 2018

The conference of the Arab gulf countries for education and human development
Date: 22-24 January, 2018
Location: Bahrain

Fellowships opportunities
Top 10 Scholarships in France for Foreign Students
Do you want to study in France? Know more about the scholarships programs in France for international students like you. The next application round for most…

11 Scholarships in Europe for Non-EU International Students
To attract students outside Europe, governments of EU/EEA member countries and a number of Universities in Europe offer tuition fee waivers or scholarship programs for non-EU international students. scholars4dev.com lists the Top 10 scholarships in Europe for non-EU students.

Top 25 University Scholarships Open to ALL* International Students
Not everyone can apply to just any scholarship. First, you have to meet certain criteria to be eligible for a particular scholarship, and one of those criteria is your nationality. There are those scholarships that target students from a specific region or country only but there are scholarships which are …

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