"knowledge economy bulletin"highlights success stories and research achievements of IDB graduates and provides them with opportunities for professional and academic development along with monitoring science, technology, innovation and higher education development in the 56 IDB member countries. Issue No.4 – July 2017

The rise of Algeria’s scientific capacity
Algeria’s scientific research sector has made progress recently, after a long period of funding delays and stalemates due to a weakening governance system.
The Problem With Kuwait’s Higher Education
None of Kuwait’s nine private universities provide masters or PhD courses, and its sole public university has few seats for such diplomas. The students’ major-related choices are limited as well.
How to advance your career in science
How do you get on the right path in your scientific career? Here we’ve distilled advice and tips from researchers.

Saudi engineer invents air-conditioned umbrella for pilgrims
A Saudi engineer has invented an air-conditioned umbrella “Makkah Umbrella” which works by using the solar energy or even batteries to assist pilgrims avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion during Haj season as temperatures soar over 40°C in the holy sites.

Education observatory
EGYPT: Law for first national space agency approved
Egypt’s cabinet has approved a draft bill to establish a space agency that will promote the development of space technology, science and engineering capacity, and space research and education in universities.
Indonesia to Establish International University of Islam
As the world’s largest Muslim majority country, Indonesia will set up an international-class Islamic higher education institution which is expected to become a center of Islamic studies, similar to those in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

TUNISIA: Jobless academic self-immolates after wares confiscated
Jobless academic Imad Al Ghanimi died after dousing himself with petrol and setting himself alight in response to having the goods he intended to sell as an informal trader confiscated by Tunisian police.

Muslim women in science
Winners of the IDB Prize for Women’s Contribution to Development for the year 2017 Announced
Two outstanding winners from Algeria and Palestine under the individuals and organisations category were awarded the 12th Edition of the Islamic Development Bank Prize for Women’s Contribution to Development.

The 11th International Plant Breeding Conference
Date: 3-4 October 2017
Location: Egypt

The Fourth International Conference on Advanced Sciences (ICAS4)
Date: 7-11 November 2017
Location: Egypt

International Egyptian Czech Conference for Nanotechnology Applications in Agriculture Sector (IECCNA)
Date: 10-11 October, 2017
Location: Cairo University, Egypt

Fellowships opportunities
Top 5 Training Scholarships for International Students

30 International Scholarships offered by the World’s Top Universities

PhD Training Fellowships for Women Scientists from Science and Technology Lagging Countries
The Fellowship is offered to women scientists from Science and Technology Lagging Countries (STLCs) to undertake PhD research in the Natural, Engineering and Information Technology sciences at a host institute in the South.

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