"knowledge economy bulletin"highlights success stories and research achievements of IDB graduates and provides them with opportunities for professional and academic development along with monitoring science, technology, innovation and higher education development in the 56 IDB member countries. Issue No.15
June 2018
AFRICA: Rising student suicides – What can universities do?
As the world marks the 15th World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September, the rising number of suicides among North African students and university graduates is turning the spotlight onto the role of universities in supporting vulnerable students and raising awareness around mental health issues.

AFRICA: Tunisia in new bid to attract Sub-Saharan students
A series of new measures to reverse the sharp decline in numbers of Sub-Saharan African students in Tunisia over the next three years has been unveiled.

EGYPT-MOROCCO: Countries lag in ‘disability-friendly’ campus movement
The poor participation in university education in Morocco by young people with disabilities has been highlighted in a recent report presented to the United Nations.

  Why our universities decline
As university administrators, we have been quite reluctant to write about a “heated” subject such as this because, in all honesty, it may edge into peer intellectual sensitivities! But we have decided to do so anyway, despite all possible ramifications thereafter.

  UN ‘Tech Bank’ opens in Turkey, to help poor nations ‘leapfrog development challenges’
The United Nations on Monday welcomed a new member of the family, which will help address the development challenges of the world’s poorest countries through science, technology and innovation, while also marking a significant milestone for the whole 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Education observatory
  LIBYA: 10 universities launch centres to boost entrepreneurship
In a bid to tackle graduate unemployment and contribute towards developing a knowledge-based economy, 10 universities in Libya have launched entrepreneurship and innovation centreis (EICs) to produce entrepreneurs equipped to run their own businesses.

  GLOBAL: Cryptocurrency mining attacks mainly target universities
The global higher education sector has seen a sharp increase in potentially damaging cryptocurrency mining behaviours with universities the target of more than half of known attacks. Academic networks in Asian countries are the most heavily targeted, followed by institutions.

  Egypt dominates 2018’s list of top universities in Arab League
Egypt dominates Times Higher Education‘s list of 2018’s best universities in the Arab World, with nine universities represented out of 32.

2nd International Conference on Business, Education, Engineering and Sciences (ICBEES 2018)
Date: October 18-20, 2018

  The International Conference of Industrial and Service Organizations Management: Current Practices and Future Trends
Date: 1-3 September 2018
Location: Egypt

  The 8th edition of the International Conference on Sciences of Electronics, Technologies of Information and Telecommunications
Location: Genoa (Italy) and Hammamet (Tunisia)
Date: between 18th and 20th of December 2018

Fellowships opportunities
  30+ University-wide Scholarships* for International Students
University-wide scholarships are scholarships which are generally available for any subject, course, or field of study offered at the University.

  Top 100 International Scholarships to Watch out for in 2018
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