"knowledge economy bulletin"highlights success stories and research achievements of IDB graduates and provides them with opportunities for professional and academic development along with monitoring science, technology, innovation and higher education development in the 56 IDB member countries. Issue No.14
May 2018
Higher education and the reinvention of Nigerian universities
Nigeria’s governing council has approved a new and revolutionary policy guideline for the design and execution of programs and projects with science, engineering and technology components.

Muslim Revival from a Knowledge Perspective
There is no denying the fact that Islam attaches great importance to knowledge and education. That education is the starting point of every human activity becomes evident from the fact that the first word of the first revealed verse of Holy Quran was ‘Iqra’, that is, “Read!”.

Getting Nigeria’s universities back
With the newly published book, Getting Our Universities Back on Track, Professor Oluwafemi Mimiko has boldly brought to the forefront again the significant and centrality of the universities and tertiary education to Nigeria’s development future.

Education observatory
  AFRICA: University in prisons – The ‘best rehabilitation tool’
Prison services across Africa are joining forces with local and foreign universities to provide higher education programmes for inmate students in a bid to rehabilitate prisoners and improve the effectiveness of incarceration.

  EGYPT-SOUTH KOREA: Higher education cooperation plan unveiled
In what has been described as a ‘win-win’ deal, South Korea and Egypt have unveiled a higher education cooperation plan that includes the establishment of a joint institution, networking among universities in the two countries, and enhanced student and academic mobility.

  MAURITANIA: New diaspora portal aims to turn brain drain into gain
An academic diaspora portal has been launched in Mauritania in a bid to address the loss of local scholars and expertise in a country marked by serious brain drain.

The 7th International Conference of Food Industries and Nutrition Division (ICFIND, 2018), “Scientific Research and Industry in Serving Food and Nutrition”.
Location: National Research Centre, Dokki, Egypt
Date: September 25-26, 2018

  International Conference Europe Middle East & North Africa on Information Systems and Technologies to support Learning 2018 (EMENA-ISTL 2018), 2nd edition of EMENA-ISTL 2018
Location: Fes, Morocco
Date: 25-27 October 2018

  Annual Quality Assurance for Higher Education Leaders (QAHEL) Workshop
Date: June 20 – 21 2018
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Fellowships opportunities
  Germany Tuition Free Universities and Scholarships for International Students
List of scholarships in Germany for international students – tuition free colleges and universities in Germany, DAAD Scholarships, German Foundation.
  Top 10 Prestigious Scholarships for the Best International Students
Top 10 Prestigious Scholarships for the Best International Students. Last updated: 24 Apr 2017.

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