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“To set up the IsDB community of science and technology professionals for the promotion of technology-based socio-economic development in the Islamic countries”


“To assist the IsDB Merit scientists to play their role in the development of science and technology for the benefit of the Ummah, and to function as the Islamic Science Brain Trust ”


To promote networking and cooperation between scientists in scientific research and development programmes.
To share scientific information, including the results of research conducted by the scholars and students, particularly concerning their contributions and applications in industrial development in the IsDB Member countries.
To promote the opportunities for training and development of graduates of the Programmes through information sharing, organizing workshops and seminars.
To exchange views and ideas towards the formulation of strategies for the development of science and technology for the Ummah.

· Initially, all IsDB Merit and M.Sc graduates and scholars/students. However, other Muslim scientists who would like to join the network, as honorary members, are welcomed.

· Eventually, the SDN will become the online network of the science and technology professionals of the Ummah worldwide Insha Allah.

Programmes and Activities
SDN will start its activities as follows:


(a) Prepare up-to-date directory for SDN members including names, addresses, and fields of specialization.etc.

The 244 IsDB merit scientists from whom the network will be drawn are from 44 OIC/IsDB member countries and 172 institutions. Of these scientists, 141 have PhDs while 103 have also done post-doctoral research. In addition, 120 IsDB scholars from 16 least developed member countries that have benefited from the MSc programme may also be included in the proposed network.

(b) Set up a printed and electronic database containing the results of research projects carried out by the IsDB scholars, which have industrial applications in the Islamic countries.

(c) Distribute the printed/electronic database to the IsDB member countries to be used in their science development programmes. It will also promote opportunities for exchange of experience, information and appropriate technologies suited to the development needs of the member states.

(d) Prepare electronic newsletter to enhance informal information sharing among SDN members.


(e) Produce a directory of institutions and supervisors in the Islamic countries that the IsDB scholars can study in.


(f) Develop a website for SDN that will contain the following:

· SDN member’s directory
· SDN research database
· SDN newsletter
· Science development monitor in IsDB member countries
· Science and technology investment opportunities for IsDB member countries.
· Directory for institutions and supervisors in OIC countries.
· Fellowships and training opportunities.