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Pakistan : Prioritizing Higher Education

The multiple challenges are being faced by higher education sector of Pakistan. There is dire need to pay immediate attention towards these challenges and problems. According to the key recommendations by Task Force on Improvement of Higher Education in Pakistan, universities are considered as the pillars of the higher education …

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Universities must lead Middle East transformation

Amin El Sharkawi, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Bahrain, calls for change in higher education and appeals to universities to help meet development goals. John O’Leary reports. Universities in Africa and the Middle East hold the key to greater prosperity and sustainable development for the region, Amin El Sharkawi, …

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Do we have ‘research-intensive universities’ in Africa?

Visions and mission statements of universities in Africa and elsewhere normally state what the universities want to become and achieve in future. The carefully crafted and usually ambitious visions and mission statements express the aspirations of universities, outlining their short-term and long-term aims and objectives. Among other desires, universities usually …

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Promoting an academic culture in the Arab world

Scientists with high educational level are expected to have a proportionally high ethical standard. However, this is not always the case. A wide chasm between academic levels and ethical conducts and between practical ethics and theoretical knowledge is perceptible in many scientific and medical fields. Read more>

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Building Africa’s Scientific Talent

Ten years ago, a top South African physicist called on Africa’s educators to nurture scientific achievement by improving the capabilities of the continent’s youngest researchers. But despite significant improvements, much more work is needed to return Africa to the pinnacle of innovation that it once occupied. Read more>

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Aiming at graduate inventors rather than job seekers

This article is motivated by the need to embrace a notion of “teaching for learning for inventing” in the higher education institutions. It is highly urgent that Jordanian schools, colleges and universities aim at graduating inventors capable of offering jobs for others instead of seeking jobs for themselves. Read more>

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