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Generating entrepreneurial ideas in the governmental work environment

Generating entrepreneurial ideas in the governmental work environment 

Prof. Hamed Abdel Reheem Ead, Cairo University, profhamedead@gmail.com 


Creativity is the key to success for organizations and individuals, and some consider it an innate talent, while mainstream thinking describes it as a skill that any person or institution can develop and use if the environment is appropriate.  

Today I am talking about a three-day workshop held in the period from 22-24 March 2021 under the title “Generating Entrepreneurial Ideas in the Governmental Work Environment” organized by Cairo University within the activities of the Entrepreneurship Club, which is supported by one of the projects of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and included a group of eleven employees and administrators One of the university’s colleges was, in fact, a good example of how to take care of the third side of the educational process at the university, which are the staff of education, graduate studies, finance and youth welfare at the Egyptian University. 

Experts say it is imperative that employees feel safe in expressing their ideas, and that managers, in turn, feel secure in accepting ideas, as the ability to create new points and connect them; And then generating new and innovative ideas or creative solutions to problems must be integrated into the daily work procedures in the organization, and in order for the employee to be able to and link these points, it is necessary to think about things from a different perspective using his expanded knowledge base. Here, in order to achieve this, departmental leaders can adopt a number of practices, including: pushing employees to update and expand their knowledge and skills base, providing resources and implementing support systems necessary to facilitate the growth and development process, and actively participating in educational activities, especially activities that develop the right side of the brain. . 

 The environment must also convey to employees the sense that expressing ideas is permissible and in fact encouraged, even if the ideas conflict with the opinions of their superiors. As for internal security for both managers and employees, it is a byproduct of enjoying a satisfying life on a personal and professional level. As this security requires, as mentioned, the enjoyment of updated knowledge bases and skills in order to succeed in facing challenges and carrying out responsibilities; Which leads to achievement and professionalism. Among the quality files and ISO standards, most departments at the university have important publications that remind the description of the services provided to clients (students and faculty members).  

 It also includes the necessary basis for strategic thinking and the development of its growth initiatives and strategies. Here, in addition to these publications, a statement of tolerance must be prepared that supports the generation, presentation, acceptance and implementation of innovative ideas, for example, most employees need to hear and believe that their boss will not insult them or dismiss them if they express opinions different from his own that carry a degree of risk. And also it allows them to act on their own in the interest of the business. Let them contemplate contradictory thoughts, meditate; That is, moving away from urgent tasks, allocating a day to focus on important tasks, allowing them to cooperate inside or outside the administration without prior permission, allowing opposition, disagreement, and innovation. The development of the workplace as a tool that stimulates creativity has become an imperative to create an innovative work environment in any institution to help the workforce develop new creative ideas, otherwise it will create a stagnant and idle work environment in which there is no room for a productive revolution in which the benefits gained are useless and are not comparable with Costs. Providing a comfortable work environment away from disturbances and tension is one of the most important means to stimulate development and creativity at work. Moreover, employees must be given sufficient time to take a rest and reduce stress that negatively affects the levels of motivation in the work environment to ensure better quality of productivity.  

 To develop creative ideas. The availability of an environment that stimulates creativity, has a comfortable character, and a highly qualified team to invest all the innovative energies, requires the availability of good leadership capable of sharpening the motivation and energies of workers, leadership that should be emulated by employees and encourage them to develop new ideas, sharpen their spirits, and ignite an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the work environment. Here, the business manager must thank the employees when needed and motivate them by offering rewards when necessary, because that will raise their spirit of enthusiasm and passion. The ability of the work environment to innovate is an imperative for the success of the organization, i.e. the institution, and for the employees to remain in the right frame to keep up with new ideas.  

 Finally, the presence of a diversity of employees and their ways of thinking can give way to the development of creative capabilities in the work environment, as the difference in views is one of the basics in the work environment because it encourages the diversity of innovative creative ideas and different points of view and thus supports the production of genius ideas. In sum, contributing to the development of these creative ideas helps to bring about changes that may be simple in the work environment, but that would achieve positive fruitful results. Achieving efficiency in human capital management is the first reason that enables the organization to achieve success. 

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