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Islamic union for science & technology centers

At the 30th annual meeting of the 56-member country’s Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Board of Governors held in the period from 23-24 June 2005 in Putrajaya international convention center in Malaysia, Osman Mohamed Osman, Egypt’s minister of planning and Egypt’s IDB governor, called for the establishment of union for Islamic science and technology centers (UISTC).

The UISTC should perform the following :

• Facilitating the scientific and technological collaboration among IDB-member states for the development of knowledge-based economy.
• Identifying priority areas of research for promotion of high tech fields and providing guidance to the associated research institutions, centers of excellence in the Islamic countries.
• Collectinging and maintaining high level technological data bank, in order to disseminate suitable technologies to the Islamic countries.
• conducting high-level training courses, organizing workshops, conferences and high-level specialized meetings and engaging in any other activity for the promotion of scientific research.
• Publishing scientific research journals, research work, state of the art studies and other reports related to scientific research.
• Award prizes, medals in recognition of excellency in scientific research work.

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