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Words of The Director, Special Operations Department

I express my satisfaction on witnessing the launching of the IDB Alumni Science Development Network (IDB-ASDN) as a pioneering initiative for promoting the development of knowledge-based economy in the 57 member countries as well as the Muslim Communities in non-member countries.

The IDB-ASDN is an outreach arm to the community of science, technology, higher education. It is indeed an online knowledge transfer and dissemination clearinghouse “a repository of knowledge for higher education, science and technology in IDB member countries” for serving IDB graduates and beyond. All in all, this forum will certainly play a vital role in enhancing the impact of IDB scholarship programmes in line with the IDB 10-Year Strategic Framework that uses the model of Management for Development Result with a focus on outcome.

I convey, on behalf of the IDB Management, our sincere congratulation to all the graduates in general and the Scholarship Team and General Coordinator in particular on launching of this elite forum.

IDB has also been looking forward keenly that a strong and worthwhile Alumni is established to keep the bondage among graduates and IDB. The bondage will certainly see multifarious benefits to all concerned, from enhancing and sharing of knowledge to practicing the knowledge to provide professional services to the IDB.

I urge you all to take benefit of this forum, be associated with it and make this as a platform for your benefit during and beyond your professional life. I perceive this forum as a dynamic platform of practicing and nurturing your ideas to bring about scientific and technological excellence in your field.

I conclude repeating my thanks and appreciation on launching of this forum and seeing its working with success.

May Allah bless all of us with the ability to acquire knowledge and disseminate the same for the benefit of all others in the society.


Dr Awadh Salem Awadh Al Asaime
The Director, Special Operations Department


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