The Science Development Network,

(herein after SDN)

Scholarship Programme Office, Islamic Development Bank (IDB),

P.O.Box 5925 Jeddah 21432, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Handasa Arabia

(herein after HA)

Internet-based organization


WHEREAS HA ’s mission is to participate in the development of “Hi-Tech” engineering revolution globally while taking into account the Arab world needs.

WHEREAS SDN’s mission is to set up the IDB community of science and technology professionals for the promotion of technology-based socio-economic development in the Islamic countries;


WHEREAS HA’s mandate entails developing members’ expertise, educational knowledge and technical skills;


WHEREAS HA wants to establish novel initiatives and expand existing cooperation to Islamic countries;


WHEREAS SDN wants to assist the IDB Merit scientists and other Moslem scientists to play their role in the development of science and technology for the benefit of the IDB member countries, and to function as the Islamic Science Brain Trust;


WEREHAS both HA and the SDN are committed towards international co-operation especially in the promotion of science and technology for the benefit of Islamic countries;


NOW THEREFORE the Parties agree as follows:

Article I: Areas of Cooperation


  1. HA will work with SDN, when appropriate, in organizing conferences, workshops, symposia, training programmes and seminars in the Open-source electronics engineering systems solutions' design and development as well as innovation and Technology management.



IDB ( is an international financial institution established within the framework of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (

  1. HA will provide help to SDN’s future e-projects such as e-science journal for science and technology and online scientific library.
  2. HA will work with SDN, when appropriate, to formulate strategies for the development of open-source engineering systems solutions' design in IDB member countries and in finding partners for setting up collaborative research proposals and promoting knowledge and technology transfer to and among IDB member countries.

4.      HA and SDN will exchange publications and information.

5.      SDN will help HA in developing and promoting HA's students and university programmes and contests.

Article II: Implementation of the Agreement


1.      The General Coordinator of the Handasa Arabia organization board and the General Coordinator of the SDN shall consult each other regularly on matters relating to this Agreement.


Article III: Entry Into Force, Termination, Amendments and Duration


1.   This Memorandum of Understanding shall come into force upon signatures by the General Coordinator of the SDN and the General Coordinator of Handasa Arabia organization board.


2.   Either Party may terminate this Memorandum of Understanding subject to a six -months prior written notice.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized thereto, has signed the present Memorandum of Understanding in two copies in English, on 19 of     February 2006.






Prof. Dr. Wagdy Sawahel               Mr. Jamil Alkhatib

        SDN                                                      HA                                                                                  

General Coordinator                       General Coordinator