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Words of head of S.P office

It is universally recognized that Human Resources is the most critical factor for development. For any successful and sustainable development effort, the prime condition is the qualified human resources base. At this present era of scientific and technological development, it is of utmost importance that a nation’s base of human capital be built on scientific knowledge and skills.

Realizing this hard fact, from its very inception, IDB has been contributing to develop science and technology based human resources in its member countries and Muslim communities world-wide through its three scholarship programmes at three levels – undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate.

While developing these human resources as one important step, it is equally important to have a network of Muslim scientists and scientific professionals to work in cohesive and concerted manner for the development of Ummah globally. The Science Development Network (SDN) has thus been created to cater for that need of networking of Muslim Scientists and Professionals.

The IDB visions that SDN would play a very important and significant role, through networking, sharing and participating of Muslim scientists for harmonious scientific and technological development among the Muslim Ummah world-wide with a view to recreate the glorious history.

Mr. Adel Abdulwahab Sindi
Acting Manager, Scholarship Division of Special Operations Department

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