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Words of IsDB group chairman

Science and technology can be considered as critical for solving the problems of socio-economic development and for producing a high quality of life in which people are transformed from a social burden to a productive contributor.

Today, the driving force behind the global economy is knowledge – and more specifically knowledge of science and technology. This means economically successful nations rely more on the quality of their human resources, rather than their natural resources, to compete in an increasingly competitive world.

We are moving from a production-based society into a knowledge-based society where human resources are becoming more important than raw materials, whose prices are in constant downfall, and where capital is no longer sufficiently profitable unless it is accompanied by the “added values” of intellectual input and innovation. In other words, human resources development is the cornerstone of the entire development process.

As a development Bank, the role of the Islamic Development Bank has not been limited to providing resources and financing operations, it has also been striving to help develop the human resources, ensure technology transfer to its member countries and build their technical capacities.

The launching of the IsDB science development network (SDN) is intended to give the IsDB merit scientists and its graduates an opportunity to help in the development of technology-based economy in the IsDB member countries.

It also can be considered as a call from the IDB to renew and reaffirm its commitment to science development and a strategic action to appreciate the role of scientific research and technology for the socio-economic development of the OIC countries.

Dr. Bander Bin Mohamed Hamza Hajjar
President, Islamic Development Bank Group

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